All About Multipoint Locks

Multipoint locking systems are made up of a minimum of three individual locking points that work together using a key. Hooks, deadbolts, rollers, cams and centre latch are all types of locking points. Yet mainly all multipoint locks will contain more than one type of hook, deadbolt or mushroom to help prevent an attack by the use of a pry bar. When the hooks are locked into position and engaged within the frame of the door, they absorb the force and impact of a sustained attack.

Multipoint Locks rely almost as much on the quality of locking cylinder chosen usually at the point of manufacture. Many doors fitted use a Budget Non British Standard Locking Cylinder which, through various methods of attack including Cylinder Lock Snapping compromises even the strongest Multipoint Lock.

Mechanisms fitted, by simply changing the Lock Cylinder will add a much higher level of security to your external doors. New standards have been introduced including British Standard and PAS 24 with the emphasis on the quality of the lock with many Multipoint Locks on the market that have undergone stringent tests.

2 Star Multipoint Locking Handles can add an additional layer of security to an external door, the added strength of a pair of security handles helps prevent any would be thief using a screwdriver to bend the door handle. This exposes the locking cylinder which can be a weak point when an Economy Lock Cylinder has been fitted.

A burglar may be able to gain entry in under a minute. When one Crime Prevention team accessed a property by way of cylinder snapping, a pair of pliers and a screwdriver. This was timed at just 39 seconds, which emphasises the need to secure external doors and greater need for rear external doors . French Doors and Patio Doors are particularly vulnerable.

Latest statistics show that with decreasing resources from law enforcement, slower response times and that many homes and businesses having a lower level of security fitted to external doors than recommended.

This gives you an indication to why last years statistics show an alarming increase in domestic burglary. Around 250,00 burglaries with just a 3 per-cent detection rate annually, add to this the cost of Home Insurance claims for Homeowners which is rising every year, taking simple steps that improve security is a cost effective way to protect your home and business.

Locksmiths at Everylock have put together a few simple steps to help prevent a thief successfully entering your home or business premises.

1. Replace Wornout or Economy Lock Cylinder upgrades can cost as little as £20, in most cases you do not need a visit from a locksmith to replace the Lock Cylinder.

2. Many Multipoint Locks fitted are faulty, with instances where hooks do not engage the door frame correctly allowing play in the door. Most multipoint locks have a direct replacement or a universal Multipoint Lock for retro fit.

3. Upon moving to a new property replace the Lock Cylinders as a matter of urgency, this way you know how many keys are in circulation for your new home.

4.  For many older doors and windows fitted using a beading on the exterior of the glass, this problem is not solved as easily but can make access easier by removing the rubber beading.

5,  Pay particular attention to securing side gates, we know would be thieves prefer to work unseen and unhindered. With simple steps and a modest amount of upgrades your Home Security would be of a sufficient level to prevent unlawful entry to your home, even if there is some evidence that an attempt has been made.